APGO Educational Objectives

1. Approach to the Patient
Obesity and Bariatric Surgery
Medications for the bladder and pelvic floor
Breastfeeding and Lactation
Sleep and Fatigue Education in Residency
ACOG Professionalism Social Media Video
The Next Accreditation System, Elisa Crouse, MD
When is Enough Enough? Who Decides? Dr. Thomas Welk
Concise Lectures: Dr. Laura Tatpati
HIV/AIDS in Obstetric and Gynecologic Patients: Dr. Ashley Robbins
The Well Woman Exam, Diet and Exercise: Dr. Debra Messamore
Down Syndrome Diagnosis: Relating to and Supporting the Family Lisa Umbehr and Susan May
What You Need to Know About ICD-10: Dr. Samer Antonios
Business of Medicine: Kelli J. Stevens, JD
Stress Management: Chris Ebberwein, PhD
Transfusions: Dr. Bill Palko
Sleep and Fatigue Education in Residency: Dr. Travis Stembridge
Trends in Supervision: Dr. Zachary Kuhlman
Containing Unexpected Events: Dr. Randall Morgan
Quality Improvement or Research ?: Dr. JED Delmore
Research, Human Subject Protection & Institutional Review Board (IRB): Dr. JED Delmore
Preventive Care, Health Maintenance, and Contraception
Allergic Rhinitis: Dr. Matt Stumpe
Pregnancy Dermatology: Dr. Kristin Harkins
Learning and Unlearning: Dr. Randall Morgan
HSV Screening: Are Wesley Obstetricians Following the Guidelines?: Dr. Dawn Boender
The First Gynecological Visit: Dr. Leigh Doane
The difficult teaching situation: what do I do now?: Dr. Zachary Kuhlmann
Gynecologic Surgery in the Obese Patient: Dr. Abby Brubaker
Female Genital Mutilation: Dr. Dawne Lowden
Stuck: Dr. Randall Morgan
Medically Assisted Nutrition/Hydration: Killing vs. Allowing to Die: Fr. Tom Welk
Lynch Syndrome: Dr. Angela Strang
Chronic Vaginitis: Dr. Jackson Sobbing
Risk Management: Erin Janke
Global Health Care and Beyond: Dr. Rachel Bender
Critical Thinking: Can It Be Taught?: Dr. Laura Mayans
Diabetes and Pregnancy: Dr. Richard Guthrie
Office Emergencies In Womens Health Care: Dr. Francie Ekengren
Abdominal Pain: Dr. Francie kengren
Early First Trimester Ultrasound: Dr. Laura Tatpati
Female Fecal Incontinence: Dr. Edgar LeClaire
Surgical Complications Part 1: Dr. Jed Delmore
Surgical Complications Part 2: Dr. Jed Delmore
HIV Care 2015: A Focus on Women: Dr. Donna Sweet
How to review a scientific paper: Dr. Laura Tatpati
Sleep and Fatigue Education in Residency: Dr. Travis Stembridge
Contain The Unexpected: Dr Randall Morgan
Acute Bleeding: Dr. Jim Manry
Prophylactic Antibiotic Use in Gynecologic Surgery: Dr. Locke Uppendahl
Wound Solutions: Kelly Harper, PA
Dyspareunia, Case Studies: Dr. Melissa Hague
Sepsis: Dr. Francie Ekengren and Dr. Margaret OHara
Community-Acquired Pneumonia “The Captain of Death”: Dr. Tom Moore
Practice Guidelines for Perioperative Blood Management: Dr. William Palko
TRANSFUSIONS Why do we even care?: Dr. William Palko
Palliative Care: Dr. Jacqueline Morgan
Eating Disorders: Dr. Angela Strang
Screening and Treatment with Opioid Addiction: Deborah Von Stroh
Massive Blood Transfusion Protocol: Dr. William Palko
Withdrawing and Withholding Medical Care: Dr. JED Delmore
Didactic Case Files: Dr. Taylor Bertschy
The HPV Vaccine: Drs. Kari Harris and Gretchen Homan
The Teen Primary Care Visit: Dr. Kari Harris
Zika Virus: Dr. Robert Wittler
Immediate Postpartum LARCs: Dr. Lauren Christman
Fluids Balance: Dr. Joseph Nold, Jr.
Breast Feeding and Cancer Screening: Dr. Anna Haring
ZerotoOne: Dr. Zach Kuhlmann
Well Woman Exam: Dr. Debra Messamore
Narccotic Analgesics: Dr. Jacqueline Morgan
Depression and Anxiety: Dr. Matthew Macaluso
Complications of abdominal incisions: Dr. Blaine Campbell
Stress Management: Dr. Chris Ebberwein
Advocacy Modules: Dr. Laura Tatpati
Female Athlete Triad: Dr. Claire Markam
ZikaVirus-OBGYN Update 2017: Dr. Maggie Woods
Pelvic Anatomy: Dr. JED Delmore
North American Menopausal Society Update: Dr. Debra Messamore
Adolescent Gynecology: Dr. Laura Tatpati
Benign Hysterectomy in the MACRA Era: Dr. Simon Patton
Tick-Borne Disease 2018 Update: Dr. Thomas Moore
The Courtroom and How to Stay Out of it: Lisa A. McPherson, JD