CREOG Educational Objectives

2. Primary and Preventive Ambulatory Health Care
Sleep and Fatigue Education in Residency
When is Enough Enough? Who Decides? Dr. Thomas Welk
Sexual Assault Lecture: Horace Santry
The Well Woman Exam, Diet and Exercise: Dr. Debra Messamore
Preventive Care, Health Maintenance, and Contraception
Allergic Rhinitis: Dr. Matt Stumpe
Pregnancy Dermatology: Dr. Kristin Harkins
Lesbian & Transgender Health: Dr. Evan Schwenk
Medically Assisted Nutrition/Hydration: Killing vs. Allowing to Die: Fr. Tom Welk
Lynch Syndrome: Dr. Angela Strang
Diabetes and Pregnancy: Dr. Richard Guthrie
Global Health Care and Beyond: Dr. Rachel Bender
Risk Management: Erin Janke
Chronic Vaginitis: Dr. Jackson Sobbing
Office Emergencies In Womens Health Care: Dr. Francie Ekengren
Abdominal Pain: Dr. Francie kengren
HIV Care 2015: A Focus on Women: Dr. Donna Sweet
Sepsis: Dr. Francie Ekengren and Dr. Margaret OHara
Community-Acquired Pneumonia “The Captain of Death”: Dr. Tom Moore
The Medical Evaluation in Child Sexual Abuse: Dr. Katherine Melhorn
Eating Disorders: Dr. Angela Strang
Zika Virus: Dr. Robert Wittler
The Teen Primary Care Visit: Dr. Kari Harris
The HPV Vaccine: Drs. Kari Harris and Gretchen Homan
Immediate Postpartum LARCs: Dr. Lauren Christman
Breast Feeding and Cancer Screening: Dr. Anna Haring
Well Woman Exam: Dr. Debra Messamore
Female Athlete Triad: Dr. Claire Markam
ZikaVirus-OBGYN Update 2017: Dr. Maggie Woods
North American Menopausal Society Update: Dr. Debra Messamore
Adolescent Gynecology: Dr. Laura Tatpati
Intimate Partner Violence: Dr Maria Kolojeski
Tick-Borne Disease 2018 Update: Dr. Thomas Moore