CREOG Educational Objectives

3. Obstetrics
Lupus and pregnancy
Neonatal and Fetal Diseases
Bariatric Surgery in Obstetrical Care
Preterm Labor
Not All Epidurals Are Alike
Incomplete Abortion Management
Post Partum Hemorrhage, Dr. Palko
Fetal Arrhythmias; Dr. Dawn Boender
Thrombocytopenia in Pregnancy: Dr. Farley
Antibiotic Therapy for Reduction of Infant Morbidity After Preterm Premature Rupture of the Membrane
What do we know about normal and abnormal labor for nulliparous parturients? Randall Morgan, MD MBA
Headaches in Pregnancy: Dr. Calvin Olmstead
Hypertension Executive Summary: Dr. Margaret O'Hara
Evidence Based Surgery for Cesarean Delivery: An Updated Systematic Review: Dr. Taylor Bertschy
Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy: Dr. Darren Farley
Count the Kicks: Sapphire Garcia-Glancy
Vaginal Breech Delivery: Dr. Amy Lueking
Screening for Fetal Chromosomal Abnormalities
Premature Rupture of Membranes
Diagnosis and Management of Preeclampsia and Eclampsia
Management of Preterm Labor
Invasive Prenatal Testing for Aneuploidy
Hypertension in Pregnancy
Hypertension in Pregnancy-Executive Summary
Dilation and Evacuation: Dr. Melissa Hague
Wellstart Breastfeeding: Dr. Laurie Gwyn
Immunologic Disease and Pregnancy: Dr. Lauren O'Brien
The New Pitocin Protocol: Dr. Ben Klug
Abnormal Labor
Ectopic Pregnancy
Hypertension in Pregnancy
Medical Complications in Pregnancy
Postpartum Complications
Preterm Labor
Rubeola and Rubella: Dr. Bruce Bammel
Hematologic Disease in Pregnancy & Hemoglobinopathies: Dr. Darren Farley
Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery: Dr. Randall Morgan
Trauma and Pregnancy: Dr. Chidi Ani
Fetal Echo: Dr. Margaret O'Hara
Renal Disease in Pregnancy: Dr, Darren Farley
Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy: Dr. Ashley Robbins
Early Pregnancy Loss: Dr Randall Morgan
IUGR: Dr. Taylor Bertschy
Thrombocytopenia: Dr. Darren Farley
Obstetrical Emergencies: Dr. Melissa Hague
Abortion: What Every OB/GYN Needs to Know: Dr. Kristin Livingston
Carrier Screening: Shobana Kubendran
Recognition of normal and abnormal labor and management of abnormal labor: Dr. Randall Morgan
Hypertensive Disorders: Dr. Margaret OHara
Marijuana Use During Pregnancy: Dr. Abigail Brubaker
Intraamniotic Infections & Inflammation: Dr. Jackson Sobbing
Pulmonary Disease in Pregnancy: Dr. Darren Farley
Ectopic Pregnancy: Dr. Janna Chibry
Maternal Physiology and the Anesthetized Patient: Dr. Kimberly Babiash
The Puerperium: Dr. Clifford Depew
Cervical Insufficiency: Dr. Margaret OHara
Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy Update: Dr. Darren Farley
Methergine and Breastfeeding: Dr. Tessa Winterton
Stillbirth: Dr. Laura Whisler
Preterm Labor Prevention: Dr. Randall Morgan
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy: Dr. Shilpa Kshatriya
Lupus in Pregnancy: Dr. Darren Farley
Brachial Plexus Injury: Dr. Joshua Linnell
Hereditary Thrombophilias: Dr. Margaret O
Prenatal Cell Free DNA Screening: Shobana Kubendran
Multiple Gestation: Dr. Darren Farley
Safe Motherhood Initiative: VTE prophylaxis: Dr. Lauren Christman
Evaluation And Confirmation of Ruptured Membranes At Term
Screening for Fetal Aneuploidy: Dr. Margaret OHara
Tobacco use in Pregnancy: Dr. Anna Haring
Pregnancy and Heart Disease: Dr. Shilpa Kshatriya
March of Dimes Greater Kansas Mission Presentation: Shalae Harris, RN
Physiology of Acute Blood Loss in Obstetrics: Dr. Gregory George
Opiod Use in Pregnancy: Dr. Margaret O
Management and Evaluation of Stillbirth: Dr. Margaret O
Community Collaboratives to address Infant Mortality: Dr. Stephanie Kuhlmann
Baby Talk Pregnancy & Newborn Education: Molly Brown
Alternative Labor Methods: Dr. Markham
Diabetes and Pregnancy: Dr. Rami Mortada
Endocrine Emergencies in Obstetrics: Dr. Darren Farley
Abnormal Labor: Dr. Randall Morgan
Midwifery-101: Cara Busenhart, PhD, CNM, APRN
Physiologic Birth - PEARLS for Practice: Cara Busenhart, PhD, CNM, APRN
Shoulder Dystocia: Dr. Zachary Kuhlmann
Shoulder Dystocia Documentation: Dr. Taylor Bertschy
Evidence Based Cesarean Section: Dr. Damen Hershberger
Hepatic Disease: Dr. Darren Farley
D & E: Dr. Melissa Hague
Non-Obstetric Procedures in Pregnancy: Dr. Claire Groskurth
Sleep Apnea: Dr. Margaret O
Renal Disease in Pregnancy: Dr. Farley
Maternal Mortality: Dr. Randall Morgan
Hematologic Disease in Pregnancy and Hemoglobinopathies: Dr. Darren Farley
Exam of Newborn: Dr. Deborah Kroeker
Postterm Pregnancy: Dr. Margaret OHara
Management of Breastfeeding Associated Pain: Dr. Holly Montgomery
Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy: Dr. Maggie Nielsen
GI Disease in Pregnancy: Dr. Darren Farley
Management of Ruptured Membranes At Term: Dr. Randall Morgan
Fetal Growth Restriction: Dr. Margaret OHara
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Dr. Laura Whisler
Opioid Abuse in Pregnancy: Dr. Margaret OHara
Pulmonary Disease in Pregnancy: Dr. Darren Farley
Postpartum Contraception: Dr. Darrah Berck
Kansas Department Of Vital Statistics Maternal Mortality Statistics: Dr. Randall Morgan